About Us


Our passion is to feed you.

Fresh, tasty food is a big part of any festival or celebration. When it comes to celebrating the joy of life, food always plays a central role.

Good wholesome food doesn’t have to be complicated. Osaka Balls are packed with flavour. They’re satisfying but not greasy or overly filling. They can be enjoyed as a meal or a snack – and they’re perfect for sharing.

It is not surprising that Takoyaki are so popular in Japan. At any outdoor gathering you fill find Takoyaki vendors, as common as the hot dog stand here in North America.

Nowhere is this more true than in Osaka, where Takoyaki is considered a regional specialty. Osaka people are┬ájovial and gregarious. They love life and do not take themselves too seriously, but they are serious about food. This is why Naomi Sekio has chosen to name her own version of Takoyaki “Osaka Ball”.

Traditionally, Takoyaki is filled with Octopus. Naomi has found a flavour combination using shrimp and scallops that (in our humble opinion), is an improvement on the original.